Ethical and Social Responsibility

For me, today is about standing for something and supporting a cause (I know – sounds serious – but stick with me). I realized that even though this is something top of mind for me and our entire company, I am not sure that we have communicated it to our customers and followers as much as we want to.  So I am going to take the time to explain our take and our contribution.

As a company the concept of social responsibility is very important to us. For us, the concept is multi faceted.  We strongly believe in giving back to our community and international communities in need.  We will donate a percentage of profits and volunteer our time to building houses for those in need.  We also work tirelessly to bring ethically produced/sourced and sustainably manufactured goods made of high quality raw materials to our clients.

And I want to dig into my last point a little further.  When you buy something that you plan to put your food on/eat off of, do you think about where the raw materials came from?  We do.  We make sure they are made of high quality materials and that there is no off-gassing or chemical processing.  When you buy an accent pillow do you know what the insert is made of and where it was produced?  We do.  And we make sure it is of good quality, made here in Canada so you can rest easy and not worry about unknown materials.  Do you prefer to buy sustainably produced products?  We do.  And we can tell you the process and stories behind each and every product and manufacturer.  So much so that many things are made by hand and therefore have tiny differences that make them unique to you. I could go on like this all day, but the real point is that we research, ask questions, grill our manufacturers, inspect, test and re-test to make sure that everything you receive is of the highest quality, ethically sourced, sustainably fabricated, socially responsible and healthy for you to keep in your home.

Even our families and friends get involved in the process! We sleep on sheets, test the size and comfort of towels, use creams and soaps, burn candles and make our husbands test everything as well.  We tarnish things and then clean them, leave things outside and let them weather.  We use everything for our own kids and let them get things dirty.  We wash and re-wash everything to see how it stands up to the test of time.

The truth is, there are many products we have wanted to sell but won’t based on some sourcing or raw material choices of manufacturers. Those decisions aren’t always easy.  Sometimes these products are less expensive or easier to come by, but you pay for what you get. We truly believe in this part of the business down to our core and will not falter.

The last piece of the sustainability factor is that we support the movement away from buying disposable.  The more we keep out of landfills the more we win. One of the biggest polluters today is disposable products: clothes, household items & furniture.  We encourage you to invest in pieces that will live with you and your family for generations. We have selected things that will stand the test of time, both literally and figuratively.

Thanks for listening,



For Him

Let’s face it, no matter the reason or the season, it is not always easy to buy gifts for men, especially men who have a tendency to shop for themselves.

The following is a list of perfect gadgets, and gizmos to complement any guys collection of whosits and whatsits. Get him something he didn’t even know he wanted, using this list as a guide:



Polished Brass Bottle Opener

Monti Taste - 4 Piece Set

Monti Taste – 4 Piece Set



Nut Cracker

Club Ice Whiskey Glasses

Club Ice Whiskey Glasses

Sweeper and Funnel

Sweeper and Funnel


Malt Whiskey Bottle and Tray


Tip of the Week – Big Transformation for Less

One Sofa Four Ways

Here at Four Blocks South we rely on high-quality, well made products.  We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, accessible spaces and we hope that our deigns inspire you to refresh your own homes.  We also know that when you want to re-do a room you don’t always have a huge budget.  One of the best ways to get the biggest transformation for less is to buy new accent pillows. This small, relatively inexpensive change can have a HUGE impact.

We have photographed a neutral sofa with 4 combinations of our accent pillows that really pop. The different looks provide various colour combinations and styles.  Each combination includes pillows from our exclusive line, which means that your sofa will be uniquely beautiful – just like you!


Your accent pillows should add new colours to your room as well as pull on some of the existing colours to tie things together. There should be a mix of patterns and solids – don’t be afraid to be bold – and they should work well together but don’t have to be too matching.

As far as how many pillows your sofa needs you have to go with what feels right.  The only rule I have is if you have so many pillows that you have to move them out of the way to sit comfortably then you have too many!  I do, however have a major addiction to accent pillows and love changing them all the time.  So I might be a little guilty of having too many myself.

mch_0056 mch_0040 mch_0026 mch_0016

Shop the products in this tip here.

Whether you use these exact combinations or take inspiration from them we hope you can add some new life to your sofa. Which one is your favourite?


Thanksgiving Ready

This morning on my walk to work I realized that Fall is upon us.  Fall is my favourite season; I love sweaters, boots, cozying up by the fire and falling leaves.  I also love that somehow Fall always feels like the beginning of a new year.


The first thing that I am thinking about is getting my house ready for Thanksgiving.  My husband and I have a huge extended family and two kids of our own so holidays in general are fun, loud and busy.  And whenever there is the possibility of having a lot of people in my house I look around and get inspired to change things up and make it look refreshed.  I have put together a list of products that I will be using to get my house Thanksgiving ready. Some of them are to make my house look brand new and some of them will decorate my table and make it feel extra special.  All of them give me a feeling of warmth and happiness and I hope they will do the same for you.


I have collected all of these products in one place for you


The accent pillows and the throw I will use to dress up my sofa and make it inviting for my guests to get cozied up and enjoy a glass of wine.


This is our new exclusive line and I love all of them.  I am going to use these specific ones on my sofa.  Which ones will you use?


I have the indigo (darker blue) throw and everyone goes crazy for it but I honestly love them all.


My glassware will all be from this line. I love the unusual shapes, they make them a conversation piece and every party needs a little bubbly. And stemless champagne flutes are not only unique but practical.  Over time my guests and I have broken every stemmed flute that I have.  These flutes are versatile, more refined than a stemmed flute and extremely functional.

sempli_monti_taste_1 sempli_monti_flute_1

These napkins are a MUST HAVE!  They are our best sellers and everyone who sees them asks me where I got them.  They are mis-matched, abstract and honestly beautiful.  I have the blue ones and will be dressing my Thanksgiving table in this colour called dusk which is a pinky, purple with pops of blues and black.


Ok – the last thing that I am going to use on my table is this beautiful Dew Trivet.  You cannot tell from the picture how big it is but it’s massive. It’s a double size trivet.  I am going to put my 20 lbs turkey right in the middle of my table and it will sit on this and be celebrated!


How will you get your house Thanksgiving ready?  I have collected these products and more in hopes that you will be inspired just like I was. Have a look here and enjoy.

Much Love,



Welcome to Four Blocks South

Welcome to Four Blocks South, Beth and I are so glad that you are here! You will be hearing from both of us as we grow, and as we launch we wanted to share some insight into how we got here.

Beth and I have been friends for a long time.  Over the last few years we have grown closer through two main things: our families and our entrepreneurial aspirations.  We are an interesting pair; she is a very successful residential interior designer and I have a business background, most recently working at a large tech company after it acquired the start-up I was working for.  Both of us wanted to use our skill sets and past experience to create something different and special.


We both know the design industry well – Beth as a professional and me as a design junky and consumer. Beth had yet to find a place online or otherwise that could be a one-stop-shop for her product needs. Poor customer service and lack of access to unique, storied pieces for her distinctive taste and clientele topped the list of problems she wanted to solve.  For me it was also about the availability of interesting, unique and beautiful products online as well as a connection to a designer (and as little or as much of that expertise as I desired). I always found the idea of working with an interior designer intimidating and that was precisely what I wanted to change.


Since we felt that we had found the problem to solve, the solution took shape.  Over the past year and a half, we have traveled the globe sourcing products and stayed up many late nights problem solving. We have designed and redesigned, painted, reupholstered and swum in a sea of fabric.  We have created Four Blocks South to transcribe all of this into something useful and user-friendly for you.  What you see now is our collection of products that we love and wanted to bring to you.  What you also see is our vision of how we use them so that you may garner inspiration to use them yourselves. What you also have is the availability of a designer’s expertise to help you pull it all together, whether it’s a few of our things and a few of yours or an eclectic mix of pieces from various places.


As we welcome you, I am proud and excited to say that what you see today only scratches the surface of what is to come.  We are so happy that you are joining us on this journey and look forward to sharing all of our design inspiration, beautiful products and their incredible stories with you.


Behind the scenes at one of our Lookbook shoots.


Our terrace at our air BnB in Paris where we went to our first trade show. Oui oui!

Much Love,